Who We Are

We are a father and son team that has spent the last couple of years refining the concept of a Floating Tripod. After numerous versions and continual improvements we have created a unique product that your friends and family will love. We make all Floating Tripod’s by hand using our custom crafted mold to ensure the each unit meet our high quality control standards.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a simply solution for getting great pictures while out on the water.  Whether you love to go for a leisurely kayak paddle on a lazy sunday afternoon or pump up you kite to boost 25 feet in the air.  The Floating Tripod is there to Capture Your Adventure!

Through using pictures of awesome times had on the water, we can raise ocean awareness and help make the world a better place!  What better way to inspire change than by spreading positive vibes and showing your friends and family what's really important :)