Floating Tripod - Dive Version

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G0020231 cropped.jpg

Floating Tripod - Dive Version


This version of the Floating Tripod has the ability to mount a dive flag (not included). It is perfect for remaining visible while spearfishing, snorkeling or scuba diving. Mount your own dive flag or add one on to your order and start capturing great underwater shots!

The Floating Tripod is built to last in all types of water. We have designed in specifically for use in saltwater which makes using it is fresh water even easier. It comes in a convenient tote bag to protect the unit from damage when not in use.

Product Components:

  • Orange Furniture Grade PVC

  • Orange Pool Noodle

  • Stainless Steel 1/4-20 Bolt with Nylon Lock Nut

    • 1/4-20 bolt is standard tripod size (fits all tripod mounts)

    • Stainless Steel Bolt and Nut will not rust

  • 12 Foot Leash: Black Nylon Para-cord with Ankle Strap

    • Leashes up to 20 Feet can be custom made for free

      • Please specific in order comments

  • Convenient tote bag with zippered pouch to keep all camera gear

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We look forward to helping you Capture Your Adventure!

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All Floating Tripod will be shipped within Two (2) weeks of order being placed.  We make all units to order in our Central New Jersey workshop and will ship out as soon as they are complete.  Upon receiving your order, we will confirm via email and provide an estimated ship date.  

If you are not 100% statisfied with your Floating Tripod purchase.  Send the unit back and we will issue a refund (minus shipping).